Girl Develop-it

This week I helped with and iOS programming class for Girl developit meetup, hosted by Joe Burgess. The format was little to no pre-requisite programming skill, so the students were writing their first for loops and if statements.

Objective-C is a difficult first programming language, so one thing Joe said in the class stuck with me, that was:

it’s not that anyone is smarter than you are, it’s just they’ve been doing it longer.

He said this a couple of times throughout the lesson and the exercises. I think its a great thing to ground yourself. When something seems un-attainable to grasp in your understanding, it just takes additional time.

Many problems in code come down to your mental model not fitting to whats happening. So you need to debug the code, and adjust your understanding. For that breif period you feel stupid, but it also can be a fun challenge. That is coding.