Fast HTML Rendering Without UIWebView

This project was created for amrc as a means of rendering HTML rich text content.

The library is built on xml parser hpple. htmpple uses NSDictionary merging to produce an NSAttributedString that represents the given html. Only a subset of html tags are supported, they include those available to any rich text editor, layout such as table is too complex to render with just NSAttributedString.

Rendering non-hyperlink content is a peice of cake in iOS 6 due to the support added to [UILabel attributedString] . If the HTML contains links there’s a bit of additional hacking required. I’ve included a subclass of UITextView to assist with this, although you may want to consider delving into CoreText aswell.

The helper method htmlDataContainsLinks is used to detect hyperlinks and mitigate the performance hit when using UITextView

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